Megan Emmett / Brooklyn Botanical Gardens, NY

If you've followed my work for a long time you'll know two things: Megan and I have been friends for YEARS. And we BOTH moved to the US (only 6 months apart) from Australia. We've been shooting together for literally years, my flickr is full of photographs of her face and for a long time we've always said we're long lost sisters, more so now that we both know EXACTLY what it's like to uproot yourself and move to another country. Megan is a US citizen so she didn't have the complications of visa's like I did, but she went from small coastal down in NSW to NYC and I literally have so much respect for her courage.

On our trip to NYC in June/July I made it a priority to see her. We haven't seen eachother in a couple of years and we reunited and spent most of our time in NY with her. She's the most fun, bubbly and excited person ever and I always love being around her.

We walked from her cute little apartment in Flatbush over to the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens and snapped some pictures in the sweltering humidity. She recently chopped off all of her hair and it was so awesome to work with her new look. I'm still working on convincing her to come and visit us in Portland so she falls in love, moves here and we can be closer. Long distance friendships are so fun though.