Fall Picks for 2019 (1/3)

Well, it’s been a while. Between a full season of weddings and traveling, editing and starting a new business, I’ve felt incredibly overwhelmed and have had so much guilt lingering over me, “when am I going to finally be able to blog again”, paired with some classic imposters syndrome “what gives me the right to share this stuff” while wearing sweatpants and tshirts literally all summer, it feels nice to have a clear head to finally be able to share my fall 2019 picks with you!

To start, I’ve been pretty minimal these days. Haven’t bought much new, most clothing is thrifted, and I find myself trying to minimise my closet more and more. I’m mostly interested this season in pieces that feel incredibly versatile for varying temperatures and occasions.

I’m the kind of person who sticks with one or two outfits all season, and re-wear pieces over and over and over again. I’ll break down what I’m wearing this season and what I have my eyes on.

To start with, I’m obsessed with this Brown Duster from Esby Apparel that my sweet friend Andrea gifted me. It’s sold out online but I’m sure it could be found secondhand.

I think it’s important in Fall/transitional seasons to have a variety of short and long sleeve tops, as well as some that cover your neck, because the weather can be so different between each day. I really love the Tradlands Barcelona Top (shown below) because it’s easy to layer, but it’s also incredibly flattering over the shoulders.

Paired with my Wide Leg Pants (I have these in Ochre and Black), I love being able to swap out almost any top based on the occasion. I’ve also been wearing this Mockneck that I found secondhand, and some tshirts! The top shown above is a thrifted Flax shirt that has the cutest peter pan collar. It works with almost all pants I own since it’s an off white natural linen color.

For shoes, I’ve not taken off my Adra in Olive Mules from Fortress of Inca (which are not only incredibly comfortable but somehow seem to go with everything, pictured below and above) and are both casual and dressy! I’m also in the market to buy a pair of Allbird Runners since I bought my husband a pair last month and I am incredibly jealous at how versatile they are.

This sweater here is actually a 1960’s Australian made wool sweater that you can purchase on Honey and Cloth and it would probably be my go-to sweater if it wasn’t a size S (I prefer a M fit for layers!).

For any sweaters, I’ve been buying them secondhand since I won’t just buy wool from any company (Allbirds would be the only brand I would buy a wool product from!) and have found some of the most beautiful pieces that I look forward to wearing. You can find most of those sweaters on Poshmark or Depop, or secondhand at a local thrift store (curated thrift stores will likely have the best selection!)

For shoes, I recommend an enclosed shoe for all weather purposes, the new Nisolo wet weather resistent shoes are a fantastic choice, I love these ones. I’ve also been wearing my Adriana Coco heeled boots also from FoI for a more elevated look (like a night out!) and they’re so comfortable and can be worn with socks too (photos below!).

I usually opt away from printed tees but this Tradlands tee is truly so cute and I get so many compliments on it! It’s easy to pair with jeans, pants, a skirt or wear underneath my overalls. It’s also incredibly soft.

My rule for buying new clothing, especially this fall, is if I’m unable to wear it with more than 2-3 of my other pieces of clothing, I won’t buy it. Even if it’s cheap, even if it’s incredibly beautiful, I know I won’t be able to make use of my pieces unless they go with plenty of things in my closet.

I can’t wait to share with you some more of my fall picks and inspiration!

Stay tuned this week for part 2/3 of my fall picks!
- Kiara