Everlane's Wide Leg Pant Review

Recently my friend Andrea got me hooked on Everlane’s style, and my dear friend Holly told me about their Wide Leg pants that are super cute and stylist, and the perfect wardrobe piece for all seasons. I’m in love with these Jesse Kamm wide leg pants but they’re a bit out of my budget right now, and I didn’t know if they would suit me, so I bought myself a pair of Ochre in full length and Black in Crop from Everlane and I am obsessed with them. I’ve never worn a more comfortable pair of pants, and I’m definitely all about the width (coming from a skinny pant girl!). I’ve gotten so many questions and compliments on these pants so I decided to share a little about my thoughts on them as a style piece and for comfort/fit and how I like styling them:


STYLE/PAIRING: These pants are so damn cute. From the way they sit around the waist, from the way they mould your butt and legs, it’s a real modern-retro look that I can’t stay away from.

The wide leg makes it a little harder to style with shoes but thankfully, my thrifted Dansko clogs (I almost bought this pair from MIA before I bought these thrifted!) go really well with them, and my new Nisolo oxfords also look super cute when worn with these pants and a coat.

The wide leg has also forced me to get more creative about my top! I’ve been wearing dark sweaters and light button down tops (currently wearing this uniqlo flannel as I type) and my thrifted Pendleton green sweater (as shown in this pic! Here’s a similar find new!). It’s also really easy to pair with sleeve-less tops like this one and this long sleeved top, both from Everlane too.

Cons: I feel like the only thing that I struggle with styling these pants is trying to find something to tuck into them, or to crop enough to not have to worry about it. Regular sized tops only really work when tucked in and I have a long torso so that’s been a nice little challenge, but nothing that some experimenting can’t fix!

COMFORT/FIT: I bought myself a 6 in both pairs as I like a more comfortable fit around the stomach (I suffer from lots of bloating!) and I’m often working at a desk so sitting often enough requires a comfortable fit around the hips. I could’ve got with a 4 since they do stretch a little, but I’m confident I can get them tailored if I lose more weight; I also haven’t washed them yet so I’ll update you once I wash them if they change their shape.

I have shorter legs too and these pants make my legs look much longer than they are; the high waist and the wide leg definitely contribute to this! Paired with a small heel, I feel so much taller.

Cons: I almost wish I bought the 4’s in at least one pair to know whether or not those fit tighter. They have stretched slightly since I first wore them, but I think they’ll improve once I wash them.

PRICE: For $68 these pants are a steal. Everlane’s transparent pricing is also so encouraging in purchasing these pants; you know exactly how much these cost and that they’re been made well, and the quality is outstanding for the price.

VERSATILITY: These pants are super warm and cosy so far this fall, and would be great if I added stockings or leggings underneath, and in the summer with a crop tee, it would work really well without overheating. The material is breathable but not lightweight, they’re a perfect mid weight pant and can be rolled or worn at full length.

Worn with my custom Shop Last clutch that you can purchase here!


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For this outfit, I paired these pants with a super cute camel coat I thrifted last week (also bought this one from Everlane too!). My shoes are my Nisolo Oxfords and the top is a thrifted white ribbed sweater (Everlane has a similar one out right now too!). My necklace is a locally made stacking ring added to my childhood gold chain; here are some great alternatives. This cute chain from Nisolo and this super similar one from Etsy.

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