Maddie Greer / Portland, OR

Maddie and I are basically neighbours, living on the same street, and have bumped into each other on numerous occasions, inevitably, as well as staying in touch online - The Greers have a very similar story to David and I, they met online, Maddie moved across the country to be with Joe, they are both full time creatives and love all the same little Portland places we do. Maddie and I have been chatting about shooting for some time now, and after one perfect Sunday afternoon lined up for both of us, we locked it in and wandered the streets of South-East Portland shooting. We laughed about wonky ice-cream, ate the yummiest salad and chatted about her move to NYC this summer, almost melted ourselves in the sweltering 90+ degree weather and Maddie almost lost her phone for good. Days like this are so good for the soul and for creativity and I genuinely love this session.

You can view Maddie's fashion blog here.

Clothing: WMGoods Portland