Shipwreck Hearts

Last summer I shot a series for Vanguard Photo US and did a little talk on the importance of having good photo gear. Going back through my archives as the slow months of winter drag out, I realised I never shared this series.

Shot with David as my model at the Willamette River down in Portland, we carried all our gear, including an inflated boat, to the river front and photographed in sun that was appearing and hiding in and through the clouds. 

"We all, to some degree, experience heart ache in a real and gripping way. Whether we've lost a loved one, we're still so far away from breaking through to reach a goal we have set for ourselves, we just can't quit the job we dislike that also keeps food on the table, we can't see the beauty in ourselves that other people also see. Heartache is a real and honest emotion that doesn't just show up after we leave a romantic relationship, it's a true hurt that we should learn how to steer, and not let ourselves be washed up on shore in the act of giving up. We can grab full hold of the oars and go upstream in hopes of finding rest."