Palm Springs / Moorten Botanical Garden

David and I love the desert. One place I've been dying to explore is Palm Springs, especially the Botanical Garden where everything is a catcus or succulent. I'm a bit of a green thumb, but having grown up in Australia, extreme heat honestly so comforting (in a non-temperate kind of way) and reminds me of home. Being out of my home country, I take every chance to feel like I'm back.

We walked around and explored these beautiful gardens, spoke to the lovely man (and inquired about weddings there, since its so stunning!) then headed to relief from the 115 degree heat at a cute little coffee shop in downtown called Ernest Coffee. As we went to find a seat, the one person I know in Palm Springs, my friend Matt, just happened to be sitting down with his friend chatting over coffee right across from us.

We spoke to Matt for a while about life, God and business and it was such a blessing to be able to "accidentally" run into him (nothing is ever an accident). After about an hour of good heart talks, we headed over to Arrive Hotel for a dip in the pool and then headed back on the 35 minute drive back home, with a quick pit stop to In-N-Out for a milkshake.

Palm Springs and the Coachella Valley has such a special charm. Who knows, we might end up calling that place home someday.