Soul Sessions / Kristina Srzich

A new part of 2016 for me will be "Soul Sessions". When I started photography, I loved the authenticity of emotion and connection between the person I was photographing with and their surroundings. In 2016, I will be doing a new one of these with a person of my choice each month. I am not a fashion photographer, I do not photograph clothing. I photograph people and I photograph who they are at their core and this is what soul sessions will be about.

Kristina is a very sweet soul, she has the energy of a young kid and the emotional capacity of someone far beyond her age. When I think of Kristina, I think of wide open spaces and vibrant colours. I think of movement. Kristina is a dancer and her movement is so fluid and so I think this shoot captured her perfectly. We worked with the most beautiful light and atmosphere, there was mist coming off the ocean and the green hills were rolling and changing in colour each second the sun dipped lower.

Each "Soul Session" will consist of 50 images that I feel best capture the hour spent with that person. They summarise who I think the person is best through what I was able to photograph and bring out of them.

'Soul Sessions' will be a part of my new photoshoot list of 2016 so if you'd like one of your own, contact me. The best part about these is that you don't have to be a model to have your picture taken.