Sydney Workshop with Karrah Kobus, April '15.

A few months ago I had the wonderful chance to teach a workshop alongside Karrah. I haven't yet edited the images from the day properly, as many experiences with a hard-drive crashing left me to lose access to all my files, until not long ago. I've been going through all the older images I have from the year and I am slowly putting sets together of everything. This is one of my favourite shoots, Kristina was perfect, the lighting kept changing which was exactly what we wanted, and my students were wonderful and so creative with their ideas.

We had so much fun with our wonderful team talking inspiration, chasing the sun, making props and editing in Lightroom all night. I write this the morning before I start my weekend workshop in the Blue Mountains, NSW and I am so excited to be spending my life and the current season of my life teaching other artists about how they can be the best artist and person possible and by giving them to the opportunities to create, because they can.

I look forward to where the next workshops go and the people I get to meet along the way.


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