We're on a journey.


When I look back on my life over the past 7 months, I could have never imagined myself to be where I am now. 7 months ago today, I left home and took a leap into a world that I was so eager to learn about yet had very little knowledge about or experience in, which opened up so many beautiful opportunities and new realms of wonder that I had no idea could exist.

I'll be using this blog to write a weekly post about those amazing realms that have opened in my life, from the incredible sights I have seen on my travels, to the knowledge I have acquired about life as a self-employed photographer, business tools, helpful tips and useful information about photography, social media, what it is like to move out of home and learn to be independent, how I'm dating a man who I've cared for for 4 years who lives across the other side of the world (and how I manage that), the magic of creating, and often I will write personal posts and I will share my heart on issues that matter to me.

I hope you can join me on this fascinating journey called "growing-up" and understand that first and foremost, I am human - remove the labels attached to my name, of being a photographer, a traveller, adventurer, sister, leader, introvert, whatever else I could be identified as, and know that my heart is your heart and anything I can do to inspire others through what I know and what I have lived through, I will do. I am still so young and I am endlessly learning, but that is the joy that rests in my soul; knowing how little I truly know. That is what makes my world so vibrant and interesting and that is what I why I will always desire to explore.

I'm not going to call myself a writer, or blogger, and I'm most definitely not as good with my words as I can be with my camera, but spending almost half of my life looking through a viewfinder on a camera, has given me a new vision and a new set of eyes in which to view the real world in and I am beyond excited to share those images with the universe.

Image by David Talley Photography.

Image by David Talley Photography.