West Coast - Part 5

Oregon friends.

On this fun day, Brendon Burton, Natalie Kucken, Kyle Thompson and his wonderful friend Gabriel, David and I explored some of the forests and parks in and around Portland. We drove in quite close to sunset so we didn't have much time, but we ran around taking photographs and laughing at each other and ourselves. David helped man my camera as I took some photographs in my new long skirt that I got from a buy/trade/sell. He also helped lift me up as I photographed Kyle with his tshirt tan, and Gabriel balanced rocks ontop of eachother. As we left the park, we caught a sunset in a field and I forced David to stop the car, and I took photos in it. Brendon and the guys in the other car laughed as they knew that this was such a typical thing for me, to chase my sunlight.

We finished the evening by getting ice cream and catching up on funny stories we've had as photographers so far, and we farewelled Brendon and Natalie who were getting ready to drive cross-country to New York to relocate their lives.