West Coast - Part 2

Horsetail Falls and Meeting Laura Zalenga

On one of the many adventurous days I got to experience alongside my partner, David, this day was one of the greatest ones in Oregon. Laura Zalenga from Germany, happened to be crossing through Portland as I was there, so we decided to spend a day at some iconic waterfalls and photograph eachother and hang out in the summer air.

The photos of me were taken by my love, David at Multonomah Falls, the famous Oregon waterfall. We danced around the waterfall, on the bridge, and then went along the gorge to the next waterfall, Horsetail falls, where David took some more photos of me. I then got Laura to model for some photos, and I modelled for some of Laura's.

Laura is a kindred spirit, she is so full of joy and kindness and we connected so well, I feel like she is a sister who just lives a world away from me. We then travelled to the Sandy River Delta to go for a swim, but me being used to hot Australian water, I couldn't swim in the cold Oregon water, so instead I took some more photos of Laura dancing around and being the sweetheart she is.

It was a fun day exploring with oh so many people and I do hope I get to see Laura again soon in Germany as David and I plan a trip there for next year. 

Part 3 - Late night shooting in our studio.