West Coast - Part 1

This year was the year of many adventures for me. I took risks, I grew into my skin, I fell in love with life (and the man of my dreams), I experienced new culture, took new roads and paths, and was all due to an intentional decision to love who I am and what I do, and have faith in the passion that was placed on my heart so many years ago.

On April the 22nd (my love's birthday), I booked a ticket to the USA for 2 months. Among many reasons why, I felt a huge tug on my heart to go to North America, and had felt that for many years of my life.

On May the 21st, I took off on my first solo trip to the other side of the world. I arrived in Los Angeles at 9am, after leaving Sydney at 11am the same day. Time travelling is something I have become a professional in during my travels... I was greeted by my long time friend Ethan Coverstone who I met on Flickr about 4 years ago. 

Dazzled and confused, I walked out of the airport without clearing customs for my bags and was very unsure whether or not I was out in the pickup terminal, and then a colourful Ethan comes over, grabs my bags and smothers me in a huge hug. We went back to his apartment and dropped off my heavy bags packed for some months of adventure, and he asked me what I wanted to do on my 24 hour layover in Los Angeles. We decided to do a driving tour of LA, so we drove through Hollywood (which was more than enough for me), walked around LACMA, go to a fair to grab some food, went to Griffith Observatory, and then joined David's family for dinner in Pomona.

By the end of the night, I was beyond exhausted. My day was something like 42 hours long and I had to be back at LAX the next day to get on another flight. Ethan and I hung out with his housemates and I fell asleep in seconds on the comfort of his futon (that had travelled with his from the mid-west, to the west coast). 

On the next day, at 4am I had gotten to LAX, and excited for the day ahead, I sat at my gate ready to board my flight to PDX. I facetimed David just before getting on the plane, and going to see him and explore the beautiful Pacific North West.

I arrived (after reminding him to pick me up by paying for plane wifi to text him, thanks Delta) and we had the most exciting day. Him, Rob and Ethan were waiting for me at the airport, David with a sunflower and kale bouquet in hand and the boys holding signs saying "FOUR YEARS". He took me on a date in Mount Tabor, after buying me Peppermint tea from the cutest little tea shop in Portland, Townshend tea on Alberta. We met all my housemates for my time in Portland, and we had lunch at a foodcart, went shopping for vegetables and enjoyed the time finally being in eachothers presence, after being penpals for four years (and after me crushing on him for so long, but thats another story).

The next day, we explored with people who I was so excited to meet. Brendon Burton, Natalie Kucken, Kyle Thompson, Ethan Gulley, David and I drove up to Willamette National Forest in Oregon and took photos on foggy mountain roads, walked in stump lakes, modelled in the cold mountain air.

After a fun day with all these wonderful photographers, I rested, and the next day we drove to Seattle with our housemates for the night. Seattle wasn't our favourite place in the world, so we came home a day earlier and decided to shoot in the sunlight of Mount Tabor park. David and I had turns modelling for eachother and laughing at the warmth of the almost summer sun.

Part 2 - Meeting Laura Zalenga + Horsetail Falls.